SPATiF presents:Circuit



Members of a British band - Circuit, which performed in SPATiF, asked shyly us a question – `Do the Polish catch the music drift?` I replied that basically nope, but there had been spots, where musical understanding had been pretty good. I also said that frankly speaking, in Sopot there had been gig flops that had been drawing crowds, but basically when had said that some band had been performing



like Voo Voo the audience usually had turned up.
They asked whether they had played like that Voo. I replied that basically nope, but nothing to have been bothered as they had played fine not to have said avant-garde.They also asked what if no one would come up. I replied that basically there had been such an option, but nothing to have been bothered as staff and my mates alone had counted about 30. And that scenario came true. Our country is and will be ossified for a long time, full of individuals, whose international savoir-faire comes down to going abroad with the crumpled and dirty national flag. The performance was excellent anyway. Also, it`s very heartening that young lads with no hang-ups compose tunes and harmonics beyond comprehension of many couch potatoes.


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